Soul Food Restaurant – Serving Up a Taste of Home Cooking

Okay so you don’t have the skill, time or patience to cook up that perfect soul food dinner? Chances are a soul food restaurant in your area is serving up home cooking just like mom or grandma use to make. Give yourself a break from kitchen duties and here is the reason why.

Soul food restaurants have never been more popular. In fact, today you have more options than ever before. Black celebrities, seasoned chefs and great cooks around the country have teamed up to offer you a unique dining experience and familiar soul food menu.

If you live in or near major cities with a significant African American population, expect the competition for your business to be fierce. This is great news for you because in essence you will have an opportunity to enjoy a full range of dining experiences at several different types of restaurants including: soul food diners, upscale establishments, buffets, catered events, mom & pop diners, cafeteria style restaurants and much more.

Cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Memphis, New York, Philadelphia, St Louis, Oakland and Washington DC all offer unique dining experience including: live jazz performances, comedy shows, celebrity appearances, modernized soul food cuisine, artwork exhibits, gifts & memorabilia and cooking products.

Once you get out and start enjoying establishments in your area, it will be easy to see that the soul food restaurant industry caters to a diverse group.

Now that you’re sold on the idea of giving yourself a break from kitchen duties, the obvious question is “What are celebrity soul food restaurants and famous chefs cooking up?”. This question is not at all easy to answer. The simple fact is, it all depends on location and the type of clients the restaurants in your area are trying to attract.

The bottom line up front is that in most cases you can find a soul food restaurant in your area that provides the type of comfort foods and home cooking you have become accustomed too. At this point you should feel very good about the idea of eating foods any day of the week that are traditionally served only during Sunday dinner and on special occasions like family reunions, family barbecues, birthdays, etc.

So what type of dishes can you expect to find on a soul food menu? That depends on the type of restaurant you visit. For example at a barbecue restaurant you can experience the taste of barbecued ribs, chicken, brisket; baked beans, macaroni & cheese, coleslaw, potato salad; banana pudding, sweet potato pie; and more.

At an upscale restaurant you would more than likely see many remakes of traditional soul food and southern favorites. These modern meals will be more appealing to today’s taste. In addition, you’ll see soul food fusion, the combination of African American, Caribbean and Jamaican cuisine. Lastly, on the menu you’ll probably see NEO Soul Food aka New Soul Food prepared to fit the healthy lifestyle. These dishes contain less salt, fat, cholesterol and calories.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when eating at Cafeteria style restaurants, along with restaurants featuring buffets. Here you can taste and sample a variety of comfort foods including meats like smothered chicken, barbecue, meatloaf, fish; vegetables such as collard greens, cabbage, yams, okra; delectable desserts like peach cobbler, red velvet cake, pecan pie; and much more.

The Mom & Pop type restaurants will be limited to daily specials and lack variety when compared to large establishments. This can work out to your advantage because you’ll always be served fresh vegetables and desserts with fruits that are in season.

Okay now is the time to take a break do some research and rush out to enjoy some soul food at a soul food restaurant near you. Just remember there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, that offer a variety of soul food menus. One word of caution, not all soul food restaurants are created equal.

Raw Food Diet Is The Way to Go

The raw food diet is a diet plan established on unprocessed and raw plant foods, like as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, grains, beans, nuts, dehydrated fruit, and seaweed. Heating food above 116 degrees F is theorized to eliminate enzymes in meals that can aid in the digestive system and ingestion of food. Cooking is also believed to lessen the health worth and “life force” of food. Generally, at least three fourths of the diet regime need to be living or organic. Promoters of the raw food diet think it has many health positive factors, including: improved strength, improved skin appearance, far better digestion, weight reduction, minimized possibility of cardiovascular disorder. The raw food diet plan consists of a fewer amount of Trans-fat and saturated fat than the typical European diet regime. It is in addition reduce in sodium and high in potassium, magnesium, folate, fibers and health-promoting plant compounds referred to as phytochemicals.

Detoxing your physique of poisonous build-up is vital regarding best well being and sustainability. The fact is that, the majority of the cuisine we take in these days is jam-packed with additives, synthetic ingredients, inorganic pesticides and also various additional toxins that keep the entire body from cleaning itself. Uncooked food diets are an incredible resolution because they provide the body with a great many of the enzymes and natural vitamins it desires to detoxify.

Heat additionally kills digestive enzymes. Nutrients help you process your meals. Your body may produce enzymes but which process requires a lot of your energy. This method makes you feel weary and heavy after a grilled food dinner. Further more, the enzymes your body makes are not as productive and valuable as the kinds that had been deleted in your meals. As a result, your food is not broken down as well and therefore harder to process. This also results in food rotting in your digestive tract, that harmful bacteria have more possibility to thrive

It is additionally presumed that your entire body features a constrained amount of enzymes that it can develop. If the supply is done, body organs will function less and less. It will increase the speed of growing old. So, why is it useful to eat uncooked food? Heat changes the pH of the food and can make food acidic. Most people love to take in alkaline meals. Consuming acidifying food makes your body a welcome feeding ground for illness. It moreover turns easy to soak up minerals into inorganic – hard to digest – minerals. Inorganic minerals such as calcium are very difficult to process and may cause calcium stones, while natural kinds are less complicated to absorb, create you alkaline, assist you get rid of too many acids. All these explanations are enough to describe why most individuals on a raw food diet feel more energized and have a more potent immune system.

Raw food diets are certainly not just about veggies and fruits. They may be made more fascinating by adding variants on a theme, such as dried strawberry chips or some other dried fruits. It can also include things like variants of vegetable and fruit juices, such as grapefruit juice. On top of that, though, it may incorporate proteins, like raw fish and raw eggs. So, it doesn’t have to be dull and boring to be a satisfactory organic food diet.

Here Is a Sampling of a Raw Food Diet Menu

When you are ready to put together a menu for a raw food diet you will find all you need to it is right at your fingertips. That’s right; the internet is your proverbial oyster. There are endless cookbooks and recipes at your disposal on the internet to pore over and make it just right. You will find you can comprise quite an array of dishes to fill a complete menu.

Menu planning for a Raw Food Dinner Party

Are you ready for the challenge? Put on paper some ideas and recipes for a raw food diet dinner party for your special guests. You will need to consider the tastes and textures of the raw foods you choose to make your menu a taste sensation! It could be fun tasting and tweaking recipes to please the palette of even the pickiest eaters.

The vast array of color available in a raw food diet will make your table look pleasing and inviting to all. A table set for a regular meal may look tempting with some variety of color in the vegetables chosen, but not as stunning as a table set for a raw food vegetable meal. For one when veggies are cooked, they lose important vitamins as well as their vibrancy of color to a degree. It will be exciting to see how people will be eager to sample each and every dish.

You can set a buffet setting and arrange the wonderful array of colors in a creative way. You can put out crudités in a variety of shapes with different kinds of dip at the start of the table along with other appetizer type foods. A large bowl of organic greens can be placed in the center for a base for individual salads your guests can put together. Different whole raw nuts can also be put in bowls surrounding the greens.

Some main course dishes you can use are Vegan Pizza, for which there are many good recipes online. Some organic spaghetti squash with a raw organic tomato sauce perhaps, or zucchini noodles sliced with a spiral slicer. Spring rolls made with cabbage leaves stuffed with fresh greens and whole fruits and nuts may be nice as well.

As with every good dinner party, dessert is the coupe de grass. There are so many to choose from. Of course fresh whole fruits are a gimme…but there are great recipes for cheesecakes, puddings, raw brownies, pies and tarts made with fruits and crusts made from raw nut bases…oh my!!! You can even make raw “ice cream” by freezing smoothies made earlier in the day. I believe they work well if you just add a little less water. As with the raw veggies, you can make your dessert table as colorful and appealing with the vast colors of whole fruits.

All in all, I’m sure that your guests will be both stuffed and pleased with the spread you created just for them. As we all know a raw food diet is full of fiber and therefore very filling. You may want to put the desserts out a little later than you would with a regular food dinner party. Give the guests time to digest and make room for the yummy ending to a tasty meal.

Bon Appétit!!