Fast Food and the Dieter Do Not Mix

Have you grown up with fast food or are your old enough to remember back to the day when there wasn’t so much of it about? One thing’s for sure, and that is there’s something about this food type that has so many of us just craving for more of the same despite all the education and knowledge we carry around about its damaging affects to our bodies.

I’ve been on and off various diets for most of my adult life, and I used to blame the diet plans for not working, but now that I’m a little older and wiser, I realise that it’s my craving for grub like pizza, cheese burgers, and hot dogs, that lure me into relapse every time. It seems to have taken a lifetime for me to understand the concept that fast food and the dieter simply do not mix. Not even occasionally!

Here lies the problem. When I seem to be doing so well with whatever diet it is that I’m working on, the thought suddenly crosses my mind that one double cheese burger with fries and a diet coke can’t do me any harm. After all, I’ve earned it right? Just one little treat for being so good, so committed, is surely a just reward for all that hard work and dedication. Wrong! I now know that it doesn’t stop at just one burger, one hotdog, or one slice of pizza.

There’s appears to be something that happens within me that craves the oily, juicy crispy, crunchy food from the fast counter once I relapse. It’s almost like an addiction, but if I’m to lose weight and keep it that way, I have to imprint on the forefront of my mind that fast food and the dieter just do not mix! I’ll say that again; fast food and the dieter just do not mix, period! If I don’t pick up that first plate of junk food, and stick with my healthy eating and exercise plan, I can’t get fat. That’s it. Keep it as simple as that. A recovering alcoholic wouldn’t reward himself with a shot of whisky after weeks, months, or even years of abstinence, as some kind of little treat for doing so well.

For so many of us, it doesn’t seem stop at just one fast food dinner. It seems that once we take a single serving of greasy grub and see no immediate effects to our waistline, there’s this little voice in our heads that tells us if that if one didn’t do us any harm, then surely another wouldn’t hurt either. For me, and I can only speak for myself here, once I’ve feasted on a couple of convenience foods, the excuses kick in to justify more. Oh, I’m too busy to diet this week, I’ll start again on Monday, or, I’ve got friends coming over and they’ll surely want to hang out down at the Pizza Hut, so I’ll have to write today off, and so on and so forth.

So dieting is not about a quick fix, it’s about a permanent change in lifestyle, and if the dieter is not ready for that, then there’s little point continuing until that reality hit’s home. There’s no way I can lose weight then go back to my old eating habits. Not even if I promise to eat less and continue with regular exercise. Fast food and the dieter just do not mix. But be careful! This food calls us and comes in many guises to conceal its true identity. Find a good healthy eating plan, and make it a part of who you are, and not just a passing fad. The day I realized that fast food and the dieter did not mix, was the day I took the first step towards a healthier and happier new me, both physically and mentally.