How Healthy Dog Food Makes a Happy Social Dog

There is an old saying that a dog is mans best friend. That is certainly true as dogs do give you unconditional love and companionship. What you need do in return is to provide your dog with plenty of love, attention and a healthy dog food to keep him in the best of health. This means taking the time to play with your dog and train him to know how to behave in the various social situations he may find himself in, which includes good habits around food.

Playtime can be used as a way to teach your dog basic commands such as “sit” “wait” and “stay” which are important to your dogs’ socialization. A dog who is used to following these commands is easier to control in public and in new situations. A great way to train your dog good manners before he eats is to get him to sit and stay while you serve up his healthy dog food dinner, then say OK. If he tries to eat before you are finished dishing up, just do the whole procedure over again. In no time at all he will learn what is acceptable behaviour at mealtimes.

Dogs are energetic and intelligent animals and need to be constantly stimulated mentally and physically which also has an effect on their emotional well-being. Along with a healthy dog food diet, playing and socializing provides a way for you and your pet to keep the bond between you strong and loving – a happy dog is a joy to behold!

It is always wise to start socializing your dog while he is still a puppy. Taking him about with you will make him less fearful of new situations, people, and other animals. He will be comfortable in more situations and will therefore be more willing to follow your commands because he will not be fearful.

Dogs enjoy a good game of chase. Balls, frisbees, and other toys that you can throw and have your dog chase are great fun for your dog and for you as well. It also gives your dog a chance to exercise and that is important to his overall health and helps prevent him from becoming lazy (which can happen). A healthy dog food diet with plenty of natural ingredients will also help his general well-being.

There are all sorts of ways you can play with your dog. Rope chews provide a way for your dog to strengthen his teeth and a means of play that both you and your dog will find enjoyable. Simply grab one end of the rope toy and shake it before your dog, he will latch on and before you know it the two of you will be enjoying a game of tug of war. Play this game a few times and your dog will be bringing you the rope and begging you to play with him.

For the times when you are not available to play with your dog, chew toys and puzzle balls will keep your dog from becoming bored, allowing him to occupy his mind in various ways while entertaining himself. Supplying him with a large variety of toys that he can use alone will help avoid any problem behavior resulting from boredom.

Just as your dog is a friend and companion to you, you also need to be a friend and companion to your dog. Using play to help strengthen the bond between you and to teach your dog socialization skills will result in both of you leading a happier more fulfilled life together.